Welcome to Viamama

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Welcome to Viamama, course all spoken in english

Viamama offers a complete prenatal course to prepare you for childbirth and parenthood.
This course gives you informative meetings to improve your confidence as well as preparing you for a positive birth experience.

Why choose this course:
- designed forr both mothers and fathers
- organised by midwives; professionals in pregnancy and childbirth
- takes place in a pleasant environment in the centre of Eindhoven
- almost all health insurers reimburse this course
- Baby massage lesson is given after your baby is born together with the other mamas

Almost all health insurers compensate this course because the midwives are all BIG-certified. 90% of pregnant women receive compensation/reimbursement for pregnancy guidance! If you are not sure if you are eligible for compensation, call your health insurance company and report that this course is about pregnancy guidance held by BIG registered midwives.

We hope to see you soon!